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In-bottles pasteurisers

Water bath pasteuriser (in-bottle pasteuriser), 900 litres with a lift

Bath pasteuriser (in-bottle pasteuriser), 900 litres with a lift, electrically heated.

Equipment: water circulation pump, 2 functions - pasteurisation or
Price: 16 295 €
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Bath pasteurisator for beer

Bath pasteurizer, in particular for pasteurisation of beer, juices, cider in glass packaging. You can load the pasteurizer in two layers and pasteurize 14 boxes, 280 pcs of 0.5 liter bottles with...
Old price: 7 848 € Price: 8 979 €
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Bath pasteuriser 100 litres

Pasteurizing bath is suitable for the heat treatment of packaged fruit preparations (jam, wafers, herbs) or fermented preparations (vinegar, beer) and pickles. The packaging must be heat resistant...
Price: 3 924 €
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