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Electric boiling pan - 100 litres

Electric boiling pan - 100 litres
Producent: Lozamet    Product code: WKE.100.9
Availability: 14 days
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LOZAMET has over 60 years of experiance in manufacturing boiling pans for professional kitchens and also for other food processing plants.
Thanks to the use of modern technology and high quality materials our boiling pans fulfil the high utility and sanitary requirements. All our boiling pans are the pans of indirect heating, it means that the main heating tank of the pan consists of a double jacket. All components that may come into contact with food are made of acid resistant stainless-steel of 1.4301 grade and housings are made of stainless-steel of 1.4509 grade.

Technical data: WKE-100.9

  • Boiling pan capacity: 100 dm3
  • Heat tank diameter: 600 mm
  • Housing diameter:900 mm
  • The height to the flange: 900 mm
  • Overall dimensions: 1020x1035 mm
  • Power rating: 18 kW
  • Power supply: 3N ~ 400V 50 Hz


  • Connection cold water: R 1 / 2 "
  • Battery filling cold water


  • Connection hot and cold water: 2 x R 1 / 2 "
  • Battery filling hot and cold water

Maximum working pressure of steam: 0,05 MPa.


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