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Fermentation and maturation beer tank

ZB tanks are combined fermentation and maturation stainless steel tanks with upper manhole thermometer external level gauge with bubbler pressure control valve safety
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Insulated conical tank with cooling jacket

Conical fermentation tank for beer - CCT Cylindrical-conical fermentation tanks (CCT) are the tanks where the main alcoholic fermentation takes place. Insulated tanks with a cooling jacket on...
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Beer fermentation tanks with cooling jacket

Beer fermentation tanks with cooling jacket . Possibilities:
a) cooling jacket on the trunk
b) cooling jacket on the trunk and cone

Specifications: Conical...
Price: 2 448 €
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Conical tank

Conical tanks are made of stainless steel AISI304, BA (IIId). They are ideal for the fermentation of beer and other liquids with sediments. Conical bottom 60° enables settling of yeast and
Price: 677 €
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