About us


About us

Quality through technology

Destiller is a specialized, proven and trusted supplier of machines, equipment and a wide range of juice-making techniques (in particular NFC juices, Cold Press), wine-making, mead-making, cider-making and for broadly understood fruit and vegetable processing.

Destiller is a team of dedicated, passionate and qualified people who focus exclusively on the needs of winemakers, producers of NFC (Cold Press) juices, midosyttors, cider makers and many other producers of modern drinks and preserves.

The list of our partners is systematically expanding only to include companies that offer solutions at the highest technical level and meet stringent European quality standards. Today we have the pleasure of representing the following entities:

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Seweryn Fabijaniak
expert in the production technology of wines, juices, meads and many other drinks. An experienced advisor in the field of design and machinery of broadly understood fruit and vegetable processing plants.