Enzymes, Additives improving pressing

Producer: Erbsloh
CelluMash is a long-fiber cellulose product that can be used as a pressing aid for fruit purees with a weak structure.
The advantages of using CelluMash are: Increased efficiency due
Producer: Erbsloh
Fructozym® Ultra HPXExtraction and liquefaction of fibrous raw materials Pectolytic enzyme (EC. from Aspergillus niger for intensive maceration of fruit and vegetable mash and
Producer: Erbsloh
Product description Trenolin® Rouge DF is a special, liquid red wine enzyme for treating red wine mashes. Trenolin® Rouge DF is depsidase (cinnamyl esterase) free. Other benefits  For
Producer: Erbsloh
Frutase® EG PressIdeal pressing preparation of apple mashes For effective pome fruit mash treatment. The product is derived from a recombinant microbiological source (EC. At a
Producer: Erbsloh
Trenolin® Mash DF is a liquid enzyme complex for maceration in white mashes. MashZeration, enzymatically accelerated ʺmaceration of the crushed grapesʺ, reduces mash standing time, increases
336 24 h
Producer: Erbsloh
Fructozym® U Enzyme complex of pectinase and acid proteaseFructozym® UF is a liquid, concentrated pectolytic enzyme (EC., enriched with arabanase and acid protease.
Producer: Erbsloh
e.AscorbicPure ascobic acid (Vitamin C), as oxidation prevention e.Ascorbic is an efficiently acting, oxygen reducing agent. Ascorbic acid contains a dienol group. When oxidized, the dienol
Producer: Erbsloh
Highly concentrated and very active liquid pectolytic enzyme specially developed for cold maceration of fruit juices or must. Already starts working at 5 °C. Works very fast: 100 % pectin
251 24 h
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